School Demerits System

This web application made using Ruby On Rails allows a school to keep track of demerits, tardies, personal detention skips and school detentions. It was custom made for a Christian school and it is still used there today. You can use for your school out of the box, modify it to suit your needs, or just use it as a template for your Ruby On Rails projects. School Demerits System uses DrySQL, PostgresSQl, highline, ajax scaffold plugin and other technologies to provide a pleasant user experience at a minimun effort from the programmer.

The program is pretty much straight forward, just run the server (you may use run_demerits.bat in windows) and enter the password for your database. Open your browser and go to http://localhost:3000/home . The menu at the left will present you with all the options. Normal demerit slips are those who are not for skipping a personal detention or tardy. The policy of the program is this:


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